Four things you didn’t know about the real estate industry

Today we are going to be discovering the four things you didn’t know about the real estate industry. If you’ve got money to invest then investing in real estate is always a good idea. Whether to buy yourself another home in the luxurious locale or just acquiring new condo, find some tenants and collect rental fees you almost can’t go wrong as long as you do the research and plan your purchase wisely. Let’s not waste any more time and dive into the four things you didn’t know about the real estate Industry.

Number One the most expensive place in the world to buy real estate is in Monaco. Monaco has always been at the top of the list for expensive real estate so this is no surprise in today’s market. You could probably buy an apartment about the size of a roomy closet around one hundred and seventy two square feet for one million dollars. But why is it so expensive? it’s beautiful, a tax haven if you’re French and of course it has the Grand Price. Japan is next on the list with an average home in Tokyo only being fifteen hundred square feet and costing upwards of six hundred thousand dollars. New York City can’t be left off this list either as apartments in the desirable borough of Manhattan go for around three million dollars for two thousand square feet.

Number Two the most expensive real estate deal happened in Hong Kong. In November two thousand seventeen Hong Kong tycoon and owner of C. K. asset holdings Lee Kaushik at the age of ninety sold his center tower the fifth tallest building in the city for a record five point one five billion dollars to a group of investors from mainland China known as C. H. M. T. peaceful development Asia property. This is the most expensive real estate deal on record. The beautiful tower is a one point two million square feet made entirely of steel and capable of housing office space, retail space and four hundred and two cars in the parking lot.It had a fun fact that the main lobby was used in the Hollywood film the dark knight.

Number Three America’s richest real estate tycoon Donald in California Don Brand. Brand has a network of about seventeen billion dollars which he made with a ten thousand dollar bank loan. You heard that correctly he literally is a self made billionaire. His real estate company Irvine owns a one fifth of the coveted and very expensive Orange County and is the largest landowner in California. Not bad for a guy who went to college on a scholarship served in the marines and then took out a small bank loans his real estate company. It literally changed the face of suburban California out with a bedroom community.

Number Four The Mukesh Ambani, chairman of reliance industries build the world famous Santelli in South Mumbai India in two thousand ten to the tune of one billion dollars the four hundred thousand square foot tower requires six hundred full time staff members to keep things running smoothly and was designed to withstand an earthquake it has a garage that can hold one hundred and sixty cars and three heliports it has a movie theater swimming pool and all the bells and whistles you would expect a billionaire to have in their home the construction of it was received with a less than enthusiastic reviews with many people pointing out that building a home on such a scale while surrounded by poverty might not have been the most sensitive thing to do it just so happens to be the most expensive house in the world and if you want to see the entire top ten list click on the top right corner to check it out.

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